CTA staff

Meet our staff per department

CTA employs around 60 people from different ACP and EU countries, including Belgium, Benin, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Malawi, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago and the United Kingdom. Led by the Director, they work in the following programmes and departments:

Hailu, Michael

Kleinbussink, Deborah
Executive Assistant Director's office / Board Secretary

Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) programme

Bahre Gonçalves, Gabriela
Data Assistant

Bheenick, Krishan
Senior Programme Coordinator, Knowledge Management

Bos, Mirjam
Administrative Assistant

Chavez-Tafur, Jorge
Associate Programme Coordinator, Knowledge Management

Doudet, Thierry
Programme Manager

Gambier, Stéphane
Senior Programme Coordinator, Communication

Kenou, Christel
Data Communication Intern

Kort-Nerincx, Evelyne
Administrative Assistant

Legroscollard, Anne
Associate Programme Coordinator, Communication

Lewyllie, Thierry
Programme Coordinator, Web

Neate, Paul
Senior Programme Coordinator, Communication

Vandreck, Murielle
Programme Coordinator, Publications

Videt, Bertil
Programme Coordinator, Communication and Marketing

Yagoub, Husna
Data Assistant

Policies, Markets and ICTs (PMI) programme

Addison, Chris
Senior Programme Coordinator, Data4Ag

Addom, Benjamin
Programme Coordinator, Information and Communication Technologies

Ajayi, Oluyede
Senior Programme Coordinator, Agricultural and Rural Development Policy

Andriessen, Caroline
Project Assistant

Boto, Isolina
Manager of Brussels Office 

Cheaz, Juan
Senior Programme Coordinator, Agricultural Policy and Value Chains

Degrave, Armelle
Associate Programme Coordinator

Dido Bashuna, Sabdiyo
Senior Technical Advisor, Value Chains and Agribusiness

Dietershagen, Jana
Intern, Research and Communication on the CTA/IFAD Pacific Islands project

Fautrel, Vincent
Senior Programme Coordinator, Value Chains

Francesconi, Gian Nicola
Senior Technical Advisor, Cooperative Agribusiness Development

Francis, Judith Ann
Senior Programme Coordinator, Science and Technology Policy

Ivanova, Pavlina
Project Assistant

Jejov, Emil
Operations Management / Monitoring & Evaluation Officer on the CTA/IFAD Pacific Islands project

Kadzamira, Mariam A.T.J. 
Junior Programme Associate, Climate Change Policies

Kakooza, Carol Kyazze
Project Manager of the Market-led, User-owned ICT4Ag Enabled Information Service (MUIIS) project

Lohento, Ken
Programme Coordinator, Information and Communication Technologies

Mofolo, Relebohile (Lebo)
Junior Programme Associate, Policy Development Briefings

Rambaldi, Giacomo
Senior Programme Coordinator, Information and Communication Technologies

Rodriguez, Maria Mercedes (Merche)
Project Assistant

Salvador, Angeles
Project Assistant

van Boven, Marion
Project Assistant

van Loenen, Carolina
Project Assistant

Zeba, Souleymane
Senior Programme Coordinator, Agricultural Policies and Value Chains

Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME) unit

Dekkers, Raya
Administrative Assistant

Khadar, Ibrahim
Unit Manager

Leuvenink, Annemiek
Project Assistant

Woldetsadick, Tarikua Getachew
Associate Programme Coordinator

Corporate Services

Adolph, Serge
Chief of accounts (acting)

Biemans, Adrianus (Ad)

Coutureau, Christèle
Associate Human Resources Officer

Deleu, Pascal
Human Resources Officer, acting Head Corporate Services

Kolkman, Louis
IT Technician

Mendo Essiane, Thomas
Messenger / Driver

Nijhof, Julia
Administrative Assistant

Regad, Mona
Administrative and Research Assistant

Reynier, Aurélie
Administrative Assistant

Shahi, Seema
Internal Auditor, Financial Control

van Betuw, Manuela

van der Burgt, Martijn
Senior Finance Officer

van Dijk, Ellen
Accounts Payable Assistant

van Maurik, Marco
Accounts Payable Assistant

Webster, Christine
Senior Procurement and Grants Officer