Welcome from the director

Agriculture is key to meeting many of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It is critical not only to ensure food and nutrition security for African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, but also to create jobs for millions of young people joining the labour market each year and to contribute to economic growth and prosperity. To achieve this effectively, agriculture must be treated as a business and smallholder producers must be placed at the centre to earn a greater share of the agricultural value chain.

They can produce enough food to feed not only themselves, but also burgeoning urban populations and reverse the rising trend of food imports into the ACP countries. To this end, smallholders must be able to apply innovations to increase their productivity, reduce post-harvest losses and become more resilient to climate change. They must also have access to lucrative markets. CTA assists smallholders to become better organised in order to profit from domestic, regional and international markets; by promoting access to key business development services, such as finance and inputs; by leveraging ICTs at various stages of the value chain; and by building resilience through climate-smart farming practices.

While smallholder producers are CTA's ultimate 'clients', it is the Centre's partner organisations and networks in the ACP that serve smallholders directly. Therefore, we are intensifying our partnerships and articulating how to convert global challenges into opportunities for smallholders.

Agribusiness development, ICT for agriculture, youth and women entrepreneurship, climate-smart agriculture and knowledge management – these are the key areas where we are working with partners to transform agriculture for the benefit of ACP smallholder producers and other value chain actors.

I would like to thank the ACP Group and the European Union for their commitment and continued support for the work of CTA. I look forward to working with our key stakeholders to ensure that CTA continues to work for the benefit of rural communities, especially women and youth across the ACP.

Michael Hailu

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

CTA's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan identifies three strategic goals which contribute to greater food and nutrition security and achieve the greatest impact for CTA's work. Our three strategic goals are:

- Profitable smallholder value chains
- Conducive agricultural policies
- Enhanced capacity for knowledge management

Smallholders need profitable value chains; the development of profitable value chains requires supportive agricultural policies; and both are boosted by improved knowledge management.