Welcome from the director

After many years of neglect, agriculture is back on the global agenda as a major vehicle for poverty reduction and economic growth and so this renewed interest bodes well for CTA's work. In our Strategic Plan 2011-2015, we have set out our key priorities for the coming years.

Our activities will be focused on strengthening agricultural policy processes in ACP countries; improving agricultural value chains, especially for small-scale producers; and enhancing information, communication and knowledge management capacities for rural development in ACP countries.

We believe this roadmap will bring us closer to achieving our vision of being the partner of choice for those working to empower agricultural and rural communities in ACP countries with the knowledge and skills they need to fight poverty and hunger.

I would like to thank ACP governments and our partners for being so supportive of CTA's work and the European Commission for its long-term commitment and financial support. I look forward to working with our key stakeholders to ensure that CTA continues to contribute to knowledge-brokering and capacity-building for agricultural development.

Michael Hailu

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

CTA's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan identifies three strategic goals which contribute to greater food and nutrition security and achieve the greatest impact for CTA's work. Our three strategic goals are:

- Profitable smallholder value chains
- Conducive agricultural policies
- Enhanced capacity for knowledge management

Smallholders need profitable value chains; the development of profitable value chains requires supportive agricultural policies; and both are boosted by improved knowledge management.

Our programmes

CTA has organised its activities under two operational programmes: