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European Center for Development Policy Management

European Centre for Development Policy Management

ECDPM is a "think and do tank". Our main goal today is to broker effective development partnerships between the EU and the Global South, particularly Africa. Our mission has two components: (i) to strengthen the policy management capacity of institutions and other players in the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific and (ii) to improve relations between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, in the framework of the Lom and Cotonou agreements.

We use a combination of roles and methods to link policies and practice. ECDPM organises and facilitates policy dialogues, provides tailored analysis and advice, disseminates timely information, participates in South-North networks and carries out policy-oriented research with partners from the South. The Centre also supports institutions in the developing world to define their own policy and development agendas. We assist in the implementation of policies and have a strong track record on impact evaluation. ECDPM was established as an independent foundation in 1986.