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CTA is taking part in the Global CIARD Consultation in Addis Ababa

CTA is taking part in the Global CIARD Consultation taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 6-9th May 2013. The agriculture and rural development community recognize that the need to provide quality information to actors in this sector is vital to the development of agriculture. In 2008 the CIARD (Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development) movement was founded by several regional and international organisations specialising in providing development actors with access to agricultural research. CTA was one of the founding members.

Now, five years on, the founding partners as well as representatives from organisations and individual experts representing a variety of stakeholders involved in the open exchange and communication of the outputs of agricultural research and innovation, meet at the Global CIARD Consultation. Over four days participants will take stock of what has been achieved so far in terms of providing access to scientific and technical information using ICTs and identify the priorities for the years ahead. There will be opportunities to learn from the experiences at regional level. Several delegates will present cases of changes that have occurred in the area of making agricultural knowledge truly accessible. The aim is to close the consultation with a clear, shared idea of what the CIARD stakeholders will be contributing to the process, how they are going to collaborate both within and externally with other initiatives like the CIARD movement.

An optional day has been scheduled to further review how implementation of the recommendations for the CIARD movement can be carried out at national level and in which ways support can be provided for implementation. This will be led by CTA.

For more information of the Global CIARD Consultation visit: http://www.ciard.net/news/global-ciard-consultation