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Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

IICA is the institution of the Inter-American System that provides technical cooperation, innovation and specialized knowledge to contribute to the competitive and sustainable development of agriculture in the Americas and to improve the lives of rural dwellers in the member countries.

IICA is placing its knowledge, experience and strengths at the disposal of its Member Countries in order to achieve, together, competitive, sustainable and inclusive agriculture in the Americas.

34 IICA offices are working to meet the needs of the countries in areas such as: technological innovation, agricultural health and food safety, agribusiness and commercialization, territorial management and rural well-being, food security, natural resources and climate change.

To be a leading and innovative institution in the provision of technical cooperation for agriculture, known for its contributions to making the agrifood sector competitive, achieving the sustainable development of agriculture, promoting food security, reducing poverty and improving living conditions in the rural territories of the Americas, based on its strong technical expertise and capacity to provide solutions to the new challenges facing the member countries in these areas.

IICA is a specialized agency of the Inter-American System for the promotion of agriculture and rural well-being, and our efforts are fully focused on making agriculture competitive and sustainable in the Americas.

IICA has a modern vision of the challenges facing agriculture, which range from the effects of climate change on agricultural production to the urgent need to feed a growing world population; while at the same time creating opportunities and jobs for the men and women of the rural areas of our member countries.

Faced with such extraordinary challenges, IICA proposes a new paradigm for agriculture: one in which the sector will improve national revenues and individual incomes, play a key role in making food security a reality, and is a line of defense in mitigating the impacts of climate change. We are committed to making agriculture more productive, more inclusive and more sustainable.

Since the founding, in 1942, IICA has acquired a wealth of experience in the provision of technical cooperation in the areas of technology and innovation for agriculture, agricultural health and food safety, agribusiness, agricultural trade, rural development and training.

More recently, the Institute has become involved in the relationship between agriculture and the environment, natural resources and climate change. It has also helped the countries to meet new challenges in areas such as biotechnology and biosafety, agroenergy, agrotourism, organic agriculture, agricultural insurance, rural agroindustry and rural development from a territorial approach.

In the 34 Member States, IICA works very closely with the ministries of agriculture. IICA's governing body is the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA), comprising the ministers of agriculture of the hemisphere. In addition, IICA serves as the secretariat of the Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture in the Context of the Summit of the Americas Process.