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ICT4Ag: e-Agriculture conference opens for content submissions

May 28, 2013

ICT4Ag is seeking varied submissions containing innovative e-Agriculture ideas and solutions. Conference sessions will be interactive and give participants the opportunity to teach one another.

From the 4th 8th November 2013, international delegates from the private and public spheres will convene in Kigali, Rwanda, for the ICT4Ag Conference.

This meeting of minds from all over the world, co-hosted by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) and the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), is at the forefront of change in the agricultural and ICT sectors. Participants will have a chance to explore the newest trends in technology-enabled farming.

Exciting innovations and technologies are taking agriculture by storm, in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. As food security becomes a vital issue for citizens, governments and farmers, our attention has to be focused on every new development in the e-Agriculture field.

The digital revolution powers co-operation, offering people all over the world unprecedented opportunities to reap the rewards of increased connectivity. Their work depending on interconnected economic, environmental, political and social factors, farmers are among the greatest beneficiaries of this technological leap forward. Smallholders, who form the majority of farmers in the ACP (over 60% in Africa1) benefit especially from mobile technology: and from the ability to receive weather, market and crop disease information swiftly and easily.

The organisers of ICT4Ag have announced a call for content. The leading global conference on ICT in agriculture, ICT4Ag is searching for high quality submissions talks, case studies, stories and solutions that will inspire, teach, and provoke discussion.
The event invites participants worldwide from public and private sectors to discuss emerging trends in the application of ICTs for agriculture. Increased investment, rural development, capacity building, enabling environments, scaling up and sustainability will all be on the agenda but with the call for content open today, we can only wait and see what fascinating food for thought is brought to the table.

Content submissions should address the following major streams:

  • Emerging innovations in ICT supporting Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Capacity strengthening and stakeholder empowerment for improved engagement in Agriculture and rural development and in related policy processes
  • Enabling environments for the agricultural sector to maximize benefits from ICTs

Content may be submitted from the 17th May 2013 until the 9th June 2013 and must be in either English or French. These contributions should be made online on our website:

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