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Blogger wins big by spreading ideas on farming

Published in Business Daily, 3 April 2012

May 29, 2013

Online research and blog posts on successful organic farming earn young agropreneur 800 prize. Antony Kahonge Mwangi, 24, is not just keen on farming. He is also adept at blogging about the best farming methods.

And thanks to his creativity, he has not only transformed the productivity of his familys 15-acre land but also made an impact in Africa, a contribution that has won him 800 euros besides his ranking as one of the best youthful bloggers on agriculture in Africa.

Check out his blogs:

Growing up in Muranga, Mr Mwangi was fond of the farm on which his family grew fruits and vegetables. But as he grew older, he noticed something unusual: the quality of the soil was deteriorating and the land was no longer as productive as before.

Unable to explain the phenomenon, he went round seeking a solution from other farmers. Every farmer I talked to advised me on various chemicals and fertilisers that I could use but I could not comprehend it.
Their names were too hard and I decided I could not use products whose names I could hardly pronounce, he told the Business Daily in a recent interview.

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