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CTA Policy Briefs

The peer reviewed CTA Policy Briefs address a broad range of agricultural and rural development-related issues. Topics presented are taken from findings and conclusions from the Brussels Development Briefings, Regional Development Briefings and key CTA events. They are available in print and online in English and French.

In contrast to other policy briefs, these provide essential information not only for the policy maker but for all those involved in furthering agricultural and rural development. They should help to initiate greater dialogue between those creating policies and those in the field in ACP countries

No. 1. Moving from food crisis to food security in ACP countries (May 2011)

No. 2. The water we eat - tackling scarcity in ACP countries (June 2011)

No. 3. Improving nutrition in ACP countries - the role of agriculture (July 2011)

No. 4. Increasing rural employment in sub-Saharan Africa (Feb. 2012)

No. 5. Coping with food price volatility in ACP countries (April 2012)

No. 6. Protecting and promoting pastoralism in Africa (June 2012)

No. 7. Going to waste - missed opportunities in the battle to improve food security and dairy (September 2012)

No. 8. Building resilience in small island economies: from vulnerabilities to opportunities (November 2012)

No. 9. Promoting climate-smart agriculture in ACP countries (December 2012)

Download the Policy Briefs on publications.cta.int.