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AZUR Development

AZUR Development is an association of women who began operations in 2003 in the Republic of Congo on the initiative of a group of young women motivated to improve the status of women and children. AZUR Development has since expanded its activities in the country and regional activities initiated in Francophone Africa. We have offices in Brazzaville Nkayi Sibiti and Pointe-Noire.

AZUR Development's mission is to provide leadership in the sociocultural and economic development of the Congo and of Africa in general. As a non political, non-profit organisation, AZUR Development aims at attaining the following objectives:

  • promote art and culture
  • promote women empowerment and sustainable development
  • bring multi-fold assistance to the sick, to the disadvantaged and to vulnerable people
  • work to protect environment.

It is a member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) since 2007.

AZUR is doing advocacy work with and for native Peoples or Pygmes, especially for its youth and women. The association has founded and coordinates the first ICTi network in Congo called the Community Telecentrei Network of Congo.

At present, AZUR Development also acts as one of the twelve country partners of the APC's MDG3: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against womeni project.

AZUR'snational initiatives in the Congo:

  • Information technology and communication and leadership of young women: capacity building of young women leaders, women's and mixed organizations, projects and initiatives of ICT for development, research and advocacy on ICT policy, the fight against violence against women using ICTs, and support networking telecentres.

  • Right to health for women and vulnerable populations: prevention against HIV treatment access and advocacy on the rights of women living with HIV and their families, mobilization and advocacy on malaria research and advocacy on the right to health.

  • Rights of indigenous women and their families and promote awareness of the rights, prevention against HIV, access to treatment for HIV-positive Aboriginal women, education on environmental and socio-economic empowerment, small grants fund for indigenous girls in school.