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Farmers' Forum for Trade and Social Justice

Farmers Forum for Trade and Social Justice (FAFOTRAJ) is a local registered non-Governmental Organization that aims at promoting wealth and employment creation among women and the youth in Malawi.

It was established in 2007 with a sole idea to incorporate these two highly vulnerable but viable core groups of women and the youth to build their capacity in agribusiness, market development and research-based advocacy for their easy integration into the profitable value chains.

Mission Statement

To develop market-linked trading systems, policies and structures that creates wealth and economic investments to smallholder farmers for their sustainable livelihood. This is achieved through training, social research, capacity building, community mobilization and advocacy at the village and national level while promoting their visibility at international level.

The goal of FAFOTRAJ is to promote wealth creation among women and young farmers through agribusiness.


  • To facilitate women and youths participation in the profitable agribusiness value chains to increase their income.
  • To facilitate creation of mass decent employment opportunities for women and the youth in the agribusiness sector for their improved livelihood.
  • To contribute to the development of the rural manufacturing industry through promotion of value addition and agro-processing.