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The Global Forum for Agricultural Research

GFAR is a neutral platform that links all of the stakeholders of Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D), we serve as the meeting place for all those who care about agriculture and who want to take up their role in fighting hunger.

GFAR brings together all those with the power to shape and determine the future of farming and puts the needs of the poor at the centre of agricultural research for development. GFAR provides the inclusive global mechanism for their voices and collective actions, an essential for delivering rapid and sustainable change.

GFAR brings together the global agricultural research for development community to work coherently, inclusively and equitably, driven by the needs of the poor. GFAR's extensive stakeholder networks, together with the support of the funding agencies, bring:

  • Improved alignment of research with development aims,
  • Better coordination of activities,
  • More integration of efforts,
  • Real engagement with the intended end-users of agricultural research for development
  • Greater linkage between research investment and development outcomes

The key strategic objectives of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research are:

  • Advocacy for change through agricultural research to meet the future needs of humanity
  • Reshaping institutions for the future to link agricultural science and society
  • Increasing ARD effectiveness by fostering inter-regional partnership and learning
  • Bridging the knowledge gaps and enabling the poor to access critical knowledge to empower their own innovation and development

GFAR's actions are mobilized and delivered through the partnerships, collaborative networks and institutions brought together through the Forum, as determined by their representatives in the multistakeholderGFAR Steering Committee. The GFAR Secretariat facilitates, coordinates and supports the global platform and its actions.