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Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa

ITOCA (Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa) is a capacity building organization aimed at enhancing information and communications technology (ICT) skills for African librarians, information specialists, scientists, researchers and students in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Formerly, TEEAL Africa Office, ITOCA was established in February 1999 as a marketing and support office for Cornell University's Albert R. Mann Library TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library) programme for Africa . Now, ITOCA spearheads programme support for TEEAL, AGORA, HINARI and OARE in the region.

ITOCA is aimed at providing, promoting and building capacity for scientists, researchers and information professionals on the use of electronic resources in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA). Established in February 1999, ITOCA's main thrust is providing the research and academic communities with access to up-to-date affordable access to published scientific scholarly literature and develop required relevant skills. This is achieved through:

Undertaking and funding outreach programs in ICT and related activitiesHolding institutional and national training workshops, seminars and capacity building programmesAssisting benefiting institutions develop ICT programs and seek funding internationally to implement these programsProvide technical support to implemented programs at participating institutions

Through access to up-to-date, internationally published scientific literature, developing countries stand to benefit in terms of improved research and development programs which lead to increased food production and food security. ITOCA provides vehicles aimed at bridging the digital divide between the developed and developing countries in the fields of health and agriculture and related sciences.