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Ndola Youth Ressource Centre

The Ndola Youth Resource Centre (NYRC) is a Non Governmental youth-led, youth-serving and youth-focused organization that provides a wide array of skills and competencies that responds to the need of young people at social and economic levels in order to improve youth livelihood.

NYRC provides a youth development framework strategy that adopts a positive, holistic and integrated approach aimed at improving the livelihoods of the young people by upholding youth engagement as key to a sustained economic development and growth. NYRC recognises business and agricultural development and support as key to encourage young people in finding opportunities for employment and self-employment while sexual and reproductive health and rights information, guidance and advice are cross cutting issues and integrated in all youth development programmes. Information and Communication Technologies are regarded as tools and integrated in all the activities conducted to enhance efficiency, accuracy and quality of doing work. NYRC demonstrates dynamics between ICTs and various youth development initiatives in order to increase adoption and integration levels by youths and youth-serving institutions.

Organizational Focus

To support the development of young people in regard to provision of competitive and quality education and skills development, well-being and ICT, while considering the effort which has to be made to bring together conditions that will enable young people to reach their potential and to prevent them from failing to receive adequate responses to their needs.

To provide the right competencies, information and linkages to youths and youth-serving institutions meeting the demands of the modern society to enhance human development