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REDD Ltd. is an outcome of the long-standing and fruitful collaboration of individuals sharing similar values and engaged in agro-food processing and qualification processes.

Today's food is essential for tomorrow, to ensure healthy living and the sustainability of natural resources. Therefore, responsible consumption and agriculture are major concerns of modern-day society.

With an ever-increasing number of people longing for high quality agro-food products that respect the environment and contribute to sustainable human, agricultural and economic development, REDD spreads the most up-to-date knowledge and tools to promote and achieve ethical and tasty food.

According to the changes in the shareholding structure, the company chose the following internal functioning: the executive board composed of the 6 associated partners ensures the the day-to-day management of the company; the board of directors consisting of five shareholders and two associated partners decides beyond its legal and statuary obligations on REDD's guidelines and strategy. The Chairman of the Board can not be one of the two representatives of the executive board.

Moreover, among our shareholders and partners, we have several experts who can provide punctual expertise but also participate in major mid- and long-term projects.

Approach and Values

Our company provides its competences to producers, rural communities, governmental and non-governmental institutions operating in the field of rural development and product valorization. REDD strives to develop quality labels, which increase transparency and make sense to consumers. We are experts in the fields of agro-food supply-chain organization and governance, certification and marketing strategies.

Our interdisciplinary approach integrates:

Practical knowledge of products and their artisans, in Europe and developing countries;Advanced specialization in the field of voluntary standards and quality labels;High-level skills and knowledge in further education and project management;A significant national and international network;Longstanding experience in multidisciplinary technical cooperation;
A unique intervention methodology that adapts to different social and cultural contexts.

We are committed to upholding certain values that lie at the heart of our organisation, and which extend beyond our main areas of expertise:

Respect for local conditions: we suggest solutions that are truly useful and adapted to local needs.Promotion of equity: we support solutions that benefit everyone concerned about the products, without exception.Sustainability: we suggest viable and long-term solutions which respect the natural and human environment.

REDD allocates a part of its profits to various actors of developing and less-developed countries in the form of training scholarships. Through this aid, we aim to strengthen the capacities of individuals and to consolidate the results of implemented activities in those countries.