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Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME)

Unit overview

The LME Unit ensures that CTA’s annual work programme is consistent with the Centre’s Strategic Plan, while responsibility for monitoring of outputs, outcomes and impact is shared with the PMI and KMC programmes. It ensures that the corporate planning and strategy documents and monitoring reports are coherent and produced on time. The Unit organises periodic evaluations of projects that provide essential feedback to programmes, management and the Executive Board, allowing CTA to make any mid-course adjustments that might be required. 

Since 2015, the LME Unit has consolidated its interventions around two main areas of responsibility, namely:  

  • Strengthening CTA’s corporate planning, evaluation and impact assessment; and
  • Promoting monitoring for evidence-based decision-making and organisational learning for CTA and partners.

The LME Unit collaborates closely with the two operational programmes and, where appropriate, with CTA partner organisations and networks, and external experts specialising in fields relating to project cycle management (PCM) and agriculture and rural development (ARD).

In 2016, the LME Unit will further strengthen its interventions by building on the experience gained in the areas described above. The Unit will respond, through relevant actions,  to the recommendations emanating from CTA’s 2015 independent evaluation that specifically deal with M&E issues.  

Key interventions in 2016 will include:  

  • revising/updating the CTA Monitoring, Evaluation and Organisational Learning strategy
  • facilitating planning support for integrated activities/ large projects 
  • intensifying the role of the Gender Focal Point
  • facilitating the collection of baseline data on major activities/projects
  • intensifying collaboration with partners to gather more evidence on impact within the framework of the flagship projects.

The Unit will also coordinate the preparation of CTA’s Strategy Implementation Plan.