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Impact Assessment of CTA Support to ACP Partner Organizations

Working towards stronger partnerships

From June 10 to 12, 2013 CTA will conduct a Mid-Term Progress Review Meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, within the framework of the Joint Impact Assessment of CTA Support to ACP Partner Organizations- known as the CcIPA study.

This large scale study aims to assess and record the impact CTA has had with nine organisations it has worked with for the past 10 years and more: ANAFE, CARDI, CAFAN, EAFF, FANRPAN, KENFAP, IPACC, RTN and RUFORUM.

What makes this study unique is not just its scale but also the methodology it uses. On the one hand, it will mainly rely on the self-assessment of the partners themselves. A Monitoring and Evaluation expert will help the partner organisations to understand the methodology developed and assist them in the completion of reporting templates and writing.

On the other hand, the LME Unit at CTA, in collaboration with partners and other experts, has developed an impact assessment model adapted to the context and expected results of the study. This model is known as the Capacity-centred Impact Pathway Analysis. While it is inspired by other mainstream Monitoring and Evaluation tools available, it is based on the assumption that CTA's partnership impacts the organisations themselves as much as their direct and indirect beneficiaries. It therefore looks at not just the various project deliverables but also at the capacity of the organizations as well as the ensuing outcomes and impact.

The study has been taking place over the past six months and the June Harare meeting will bring together the participating organisations to take stock of the findings so far. Two major deliverables are expected: completed reports of the first two components of the study and a roadmap for completing the third component of the study. If revisions need to be made to the methodology or the reporting templates or if it appears that the partners need further support these will also be undertaken.

The FARPAN Zimbabwe node is co-hosting the meeting with CTA. The meeting itself will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. CTA will be represented by the managers of the project Dr Ibrahim Khadar, Head of the LME Unit and Tarikua Woldetsadick, Junior Programme Coordinator.