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New approaches to end hunger in Africa

High Level Meeting

From 30 June to 1 July 2013, CTA's director, Michael Hailu, is attending the High Level meeting 'New, unified approaches to end hunger in Africa within the CAADP framework'.

The meeting, which takes place at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is organised by the African Union, FAO and Instituto Lula.

Participants at the meeting aim to renew the resolve and commitment on a common set of principles and concrete actions to ensure NEPAD overall, and CAADP specifically, plays the role to coordinate and unify the different ongoing initiatives aimed at eradicating hunger in Africa.

In addition, it is hoped that there will be agreement on and commitment to a set of principles, policies and strategies with a focus on a Zero Hunger strategy by facilitating support to integrate purpose-specific strategies and actions on comprehensive food-security and social development into the national and regional CAADP Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan.

Finally, participants would like to support African countries, their governments and organised civil society to incorporate successful experiences from Brazil and other countries.

At the end of this meeting, an immediate joint action to be taken in a specific plan in Africa will be identified. This will showcase the potential of this coordinated initiative.

It is expected that the meeting will be attended by several African Heads of State and Government as well as national, regional and international partners.

More information can be found on theHigh Level meeting website.