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6th Africa Agriculture Science Week and the FARA General Assembly

CTA is attending the 6th Africa Agriculture Science Week and the FARA General assembly from 15-20 July 2013.

It is being held at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra, Ghana. This years theme is 'Africa Feeding Africa through Agricultural Science and Innovation.'

The conference means to confront the lack of access and effective utilization of knowledge in the agricultural sector and how it negatively affects agricultural productivity. With a higher focus on knowledge management and technology, the key strategy of transforming the majority tactic of sustenance-based farming to a market-based one, one that could better sustain the continents need for food, can be more efficiently implemented.

CTA is involved in the main assembly as well as a number of different side events. Michael Hailu, CTA Director, will deliver a presentation on ICT for Agricultural Policy on the 19th. He will highlight the productive benefits of the installation and use of ICT in farming systems.

We are also co-organizing the finals for the Third Africa-Wide Women and Young Professionals in Science Competition. Senior Programme Coordinator for Science & Technology Policy Judith Francis is coordinating the event. The goal of the competition is to increase public exposure of the advancements that women and young professionals are making in agricultural science, in order to convince policy makers of the potential of investing in agricultural research and scientific innovation. It also addresses the underrepresentation of women and youth in the agricultural sector, as they are both resources left untapped despite their importance in Africas future development.

The competition also hopes to build a network of burgeoning professionals, where a mentorship scheme will be supplemented by other support programmes that will sustain the network of winners, finalists, and other entrants. The expert panel that conducts the competition will be made up of previous winners, a youth representative, and a gender expert to facilitate peer judgment.

Senior Programme Coordinator for Knowledge Management Krishan Bheenick, together with FARA and its partners, will be coordinating the 'Information & Knowledge for Food Security in Africa' side event from 15-16 of July. It will provide a platform to showcase knowledge-driven innovation in agricultural productivity, review existing efforts in exchange while proposing strategies to improve them, and develop ideas to promote better knowledge-driven agricultural improvements in Africa. With the improved knowledge-exchange models and awareness that will result from this event, the dialogue hopes to enhance the progression of knowledge-driven innovation in African agriculture.

Programme Coordinator Samuel Mikenga is a part of the social media coordinating team, with two coordinators from FARA and CGIAR. They have mobilized a team of 164 people to follow the conference through different social media channels, of which 55 will be onsite during the conference.

Click here to view the Science Week website.