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Opening access to knowledge in agriculture

CTA attends IAALD World Congress

Senior Programme Coordinator Krishan Bheenick will be representing CTA at the 14thInternational Associstion of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) World Congress from 21-24 July 2013.

The Congress is being held at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Its goal is to enable its members to create, capture, access, and disseminate information for a more productive and sustainable use of our natural resources. By gathering agricultural information specialists, providing dialogue platforms to catalyse discussion on exchange and knowledge sharing, and organising meetings in collaboration with members and partner organisations, IAALD hopes to keep the agricultural community up to date on the key issues and strategies in the sector.

CTA has a long history working with IAALD, and holds it as a vital part of Knowledge Management capacity strengthening in ACP countries. Through the congress the CTA is also able to support visibility of Knowledge Management initiatives throughout ACP regions, hence the sponsorship of 15 ACP paper presenters at the conference..

The CTA is also co-organising a side event of the conference, on 25 July entitled Opening Access to Knowledge in Agriculture. This event will be comprised of workshops where updates on global initiatives and policies such as G8 and G20 initiatives on agriculture, and working groups on agricultural data will be shared. Krishan and representatives of FAO, collaborating on the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK)will lead presentations on the range of resources available for capacity development in knowledge management, in line with the objectives set by the CIARD movement. Finally, CTA, along with FAO, IAALD, and IICA, will hold a workshop on the culmination of issues from different initiatives relating to the operation of Agricultural Knowledge Resource Centres as a planning opportunity for the IAALD community.

For more information on the conference http://iaald.library.cornell.edu/