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Preparing for a blossoming African horticulture industry

Supporting African smallholder horticulture is the topic of discussion at a workshop held to coincide with the 13th Global Horticulture Initiative (GlobalHort) Board Meeting.

Entitled Partnering to provide knowledge resources and build professional capacity to support smallholder agriculture in Africa, the workshop will take place on 7 August 2013 in British Columbia, Canada.

The Global Horticulture Initiative acts as a global facility for coordinated horticultural research that provides solutions towards increasing health, productivity and safety in sustainable environments, to uplift the quality of life of the poorest populations in the world.

GlobalHort has long maintained that one of the most notable constraints to the full-flowering of horticulture enterprise as a force for rural development in Africa is the lack of knowledge and experience amongst smallholder farmers (and the advisory services needed) for them to succeed as producers and marketers of high-value but perishable crops like fruits and vegetables.

While there now appears to be widespread acknowledgement of Africas need to strengthen its capacity to support smallholder agriculture with information and professional services, there is too little cooperation and collaboration amongst the development community actors, and still too great an emphasis on staple crops agriculture.

CTA has been invited to contribute to this workshop and share experiences with supporting smallholder agriculture specifically through the use of ICTs and Knowledge Management projects. Chris Addison from CTA, will be presenting and discussing our own activities, the forthcoming ICT4Ag conference and some examples of the work featured in ICT Update.

For more information on GlobalHort visit their website.

CTAs bimonthly ICT Update magazine is a great source of examples of innovative ICT solutions in the agricultural sector in ACP countries.