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Postharvest Policy Making in ACP countries

How can we increase earning potential from agricultural production, reduce food insecurity and tackle poverty and unemployment in the ACP region? While there is no magic solution, senior scientists across the ACP region believe that focusing on analysing the postharvest knowledge system will certainly go some way to helping achieve this.

Postharvest is the topic of discussion at an Expert Meeting and Policy Write Shop taking place from 12-14 August 2013, at CTA in Wageningen. Entitled Strengthening the engagement of knowledge institutions in agricultural and rural development policy processes, the meeting will gather experts from universities, research centres and regional networks around the ACP region.

Participants will create a cohesive report of what can be used to influence policy and practice on postharvest knowledge systems, write a draft policy brief on these systems, and arrange the setup of an ACP Expert working group.

Presentations will focus on the reduction of postharvest losses in Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana and Senegal, where representatives of different industries will share their experiences and learn from each other. The case studies will analyse postharvest systems in these countries.

A field trip has been planned for the second day to the Wageningen University Research Centre. Participants will have a briefing on the Centres Network of Excellence Postharvest Initiative as well as a tour of their facilities. There will also be postharvest loss-related showcases, and meetings on postharvest priorities in different regions.

For more information on this conference contact Senior Programme Coordinator for Science & Technology Policy, Ms. Judith Francis (francis@cta.int).