Caribbean Week of Agriculture


CTA at CWA 2013

August 13, 2013

CTA and partners are organising a number of workshops and other events at the 12th CWA. These activities cover a variety of themes including strengthening ICTs in value chains, managing pest populations under climate change, development of coconut industry, youth engagement in value chains, connecting and balancing food and nutrition security, and regional fisheries policies.

The workshops will prepare policy recommendations as a basis for policy dialogue and decision-making during the CWA.

Workshop Organising Partners Date
Inclusive evidence-based coverage of agricultural and rural development issues in the Caribbean CTA, CARDI, ACM, Panos 4-5 October
Policy forum on connecting and balancing food and nutrition security CTA, CARAPN, IICA, CCS, FAO, ART 5-6 October
ICT and agricultural value chains validation workshop CTA, CARDI 5-7 October
Monitoring and managing pest populations under a changing climate CTA,CARDI, 5C's, CIMH 7 October
Policy forum on engagement of youth along agricultural value chain CTA,IICA, CARAPN, CAFY, CAFAN 7 October
Implementation and mainstreaming of regional fisheries policies CTA, CRFM, CNFO, CANARI 7-8 October
Development of the coconut industry in the Caribbean CTA, CARDI, UWI 8 October
Caribbean and Pacific Island forum focusing on women entrepreneurs CTA, IICA, USDA 8 October

During the week CTA will co-host book and film launches. There will also be a publications display. More information on these and all CTA's activities during CWA will be posted on this page.

pdfClick here to download a booklet with more information on CTA interventions at CWA.

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