Caribbean Week of Agriculture


Strengthening partnerships with the Caribbean

August 13, 2013

Ever since first attending CWA in 2003 in Guyana, CTA has been involved in supporting and contributing to workshops and policy dialogues each year.

Similarly, CWA gives CTA the chance to engage directly with high level policy-makers and executives of regional bodies, while reinforcing its active role in the Caribbean.

CWA supported workshops are integrated with other activities taking place. The workshops address issues such as information and knowledge management, policy development and capacity enhancement as part of broader mid to long term impact-oriented interventions.

Through its involvement and close collaboration with its Caribbean partners, CTA contributes to better equip Caribbean technicians and stakeholders with the knowledge to engage with policy processes and decision-makers at the national and regional levels. CTA also facilitates cross-learning between the Caribbean and other ACP regions through the participation and inputs of African and Pacific experts and policymakers.

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