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Experts gather to discuss effective extension services

Having been the topic of the 2011 CTA international conference, extension and advisory services are once again the centre of discussions during a workshop at CTA from 20-23 August 2013.

In 2011, the International Conference on innovation in extension and advisory services looked at current policies, practice and learnings from current and past reforms in the area. The aim was to build a coalition moving towards addressing the future needs of small-holder farmers, marginalised communities, women and youth.

Following the conference, CTA commissioned six case studies on extension and advisory services in a number of ACP countries including Jamaica and Malawi.

Alongside these and other activities in this area conducted by CTA, a group of scholars, Africa Extension Reform Group (AERG), also carried out a study to better understand the bottlenecks and make a strong case for an alternative approach to extension programming, organisation and practice in Africa.

Taking all the various initiatives into consideration, CTA is hosting a Policy Learning and Planning Workshop/Writeshop for improving the effectiveness of extension and advisory services.

Extension experts from around the ACP region will draw on knowledge gained from the earlier activities to provide a synthesis report and policy brief on policy learning for improving effectiveness of extension and advisory services. In addition they will devise a case study methodology for identifying and evaluating best practices in capacity building and the delivery of efficient and effective extension and advisory services. The group also aim to arrive at a consensus on setting up an ACP extension experts working group.

For more information contact Judith Francis, Senior Programme Coordinator for Science & Technology Policy francis@cta.int.