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Major events co-organized by CTA during the CoP19

Climate- and landscape-smart agriculture

Conventional agricultural practices can have a negative impact on the landscape, with deforestation an almost inevitable consequence. Climate-smart agriculture has been the buzz word in recent years as a sustainable option to agricultural production and a response to climate change. But what does it really mean?

The Global Landscapes Forum brings together, at UNFCCC COP in November in Poland different stakeholders from a global audience to share information and discuss climate-smart agriculture and the preservation of the landscape. Resulting from a merger of the former Agriculture, Landscape and Livelihoods Day (ALL-5 Day) and Forest Days, the Global Landscapes Forum will address the linkages between forests, agriculture, climate and development.

Organised by a consortium of partners, including CTA, the event has attracted the worlds leading thinkers on the importance of forests, agriculture and other land uses for tackling climate change and promoting sustainable, equitable development.

Over two days (16-17 November 2013) during COP19, experts will gather to exchange information and debate on how to ensure food security while conserving natural resources under changing climate and an increasing population growth. The

discussions will focus on:

  1. Challenges for food security and livelihood under changing climate and how can landscape approach can be of help
  2. Identify key proven climate smart interventions and main barriers for their adoption
  3. Enabling policies, including safety nets, that can help the most vulnerable people to benefit from landscape approaches for climate change adaptation

CTA is working with a number of partners on a series of activities to take place over the two day event.




Sub-plenary session

Synergies between adapting to and mitigating climate change in forest and agricultural landscapes


Discussion Forum

Sustainable landscapes: Food security and adapting to climate change

CTAin collaboration with FAO, IFAD & WFP

Launching of a joint publication on climate change

Launching of a toolkit Guide to UNFCCC Negotiations on Agriculture

Farming First, CCAFS &CTA

Facilitate participation of ACP delegates

CTA will sponsor delegates from ACP regions to participate in the events and in CoP


Launch of Climate-Smart Agriculture Success Stories

Success stories from farming communities around the world


For more information, contact Dr Olu Ajayi (Ajayi@cta.int) or visit the Global Landscapes Forum www.landscapes.org.

You can follow the latest developments from the event and contribute to the discussions on social media (#GLFCOP19 and Facebook).