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Sustainable Landscapes: Food Security and adapting to climate change

October 14, 2013

Climate change is predicted to have negative impact on food production and food security in many regions. In the quest to satisfy increasing demand for food and livelihood, farmers will either expand cultivated land or encroach on forests in search of non-timber food leading to deforestation and higher emissions.


In this scenario, climate change can affect the decisions of people regarding farms and the forest. The round table will discuss the current knowledge and the critical gaps that need to be filled to optimize landscape and ecosystem approaches to support the sustainable intensification of agricultural, forestry and aquaculture production systems and adapt and build resilience to climate change. In particular it will review how climate smart agriculture approaches can support small holders, increase food security and meet rural development objectives. The role of social protection programmes and safety nets mechanism in building resilience in the most vulnerable food insecure population will also be addressed.

Key questions the panel will address:

  1. What are the challenges for food security and livelihood under changing climate and how can landscape approach contribute to responding to these?
  2. How can investments be strategically targeted to enable smallholders to tackle climate change challenges within a landscape?
  3. What are the key landscape interventions which can support rural/agricultural development and what are the main barriers to allow adoption?
  4. Which enabling measures, including safety nets, can help the most vulnerable people to benefit from landscape approaches for climate change adaptation?


  • Keynote speaker: Anthony Nyong, African Development Bank, TBC (nominated by CTA)
  • Respondent: Ishmael Sunga (nominated by CTA)
  • Respondent: Country representative nominated by FAO
  • Respondent: UK, Gernot Laganda, IFAD
  • Respondent: UK, Richard Choularton, WFP

Moderator: Michael Hailu CTA (nominated by CTA)
Rapporteur: Julia Wolf, FAO TBC

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