Knowledge Management and Communication


Communication, multimedia publishing and dissemination for agricultural and rural development

Project overview

Access to timely information and knowledge and the capacity to properly use these in decision-making are critical in enabling agricultural and rural development (ARD) actors to contribute effectively to the development of agriculture in ACP countries and regions. Sharing knowledge within and between organisations and networks is essential for those actors to be able to better respond to the challenges of agribusiness, food and nutrition security and climate change. They need to adopt best practices, use up-to-date technologies and actively participate in value chain development and policy processes to build an agriculture and agribusiness sector that can compete on regional and international markets.

Proper collection, packaging and dissemination services are essential to provide ARD actors with relevant information. However, vibrant knowledge-sharing also requires the capacity to create, harvest, store, synthesise and disseminate knowledge. It has long been recognised that there is substantial untapped local knowledge that is undocumented, hidden or underused. Unleashing this local knowledge is therefore a highly desirable development objective. In addition, there is a need to actively seek to fill existing knowledge gaps by targeting specific material for publication.

This master project therefore aims to address three priorities:

1. Responding to the information needs of ACP partners and beneficiaries by making information available in those areas identified as strategic;
2. Facilitating the collection and dissemination of ACP know-how and innovations in these areas by developing capacity of ACP partners;
3. Increasing access of ACP partners and beneficiaries to knowledge by diversifying the range of products and increasing the content available electronically and through Open Access.

To this effect, a number of measures are being put into place, namely:

• Development and implementation of CTA's overarching communications strategy, including annual communications plans at corporate and project levels ;
• Development of a specific strategy for CTA's online presence;
• Development of a range of publications targeted at specific audiences and outcomes;
• Publishing on activities conducted within the framework of thematic projects (ARD policy, value-chain development, ICT for ARD, ICKM) and new thematic areas;
• Implementing the recommendations of the external evaluation of Spore and launching a new business plan.

Steps are also being taken concurrently to improve the efficiency of the dissemination of CTA information products through appropriate and effective dissemination channels, increased focus on e-distribution and continuous efforts to collect feedback from subscribers (including outcome stories), building on actions taken in 2014/15.  

This master project also hosts CTA’s marketing and corporate communications activities, which focus on strategically positioning CTA and improving brand visibility and reputation across all products and services. CTA will pursue an integrated marketing approach to promoting awareness of its regional flagship projects, new thematic areas and its Strategic Plan 2016–2020. This will allow CTA to reach desired audiences more efficiently and effectively, targeting them with tailored messages and using the full marketing and communications mix. CTA will also provide advice and support to partners in the development of their communications and media activities.