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Supporting youth innovation in ICTs for agriculture

Young people are at the forefront when it comes to ICT innovation for agriculture. With substantial evidence that new ICTs, in particular the mobile communication, empower knowledge exchange and offer new tools that improve trade in the agricultural sector, there would seem to be unlimited opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Mlouma largemLouma is one of three agriculture-based start-ups launched with the help of CTIC, an innovation centre in Dakar, Senegal. The service helps farmers and agribusinesses use marketinformation to make the best possible sales and purchasing decisions for agricultural products.

The idea was born when Aboubacar Sidy Sonko, the young creator of the company, entered asocial enterprise for Africa competition held by France Tlcom in 20117. The proposal won hima place in the finals, and afterwards, with support from CTIC Dakar, the small mLouma teamcarried out research in the field in order to get a better understanding of farmers real needs andconcerns.

mLouma is just one of the many experiences that will be discussed during CTA's workshop 'Supporting youth ICT-based entrepreneurship and innovations in agriculture', which takes place from 19-21 November 2013.

This workshop brings together some 25 representatives from young farmer groups, regional organisations working with young farmers, youth ICT innovators/developers and entrepreneurs, ICT innovation centres and key international and regional organisations supporting youth innovation, across the ACP region.

Participants will discuss experiences and issues relating to the promotion of ICT innovations and youth entrepreneurship in agriculture and will identify strategies, key project ideas and performance indicators for supporting youth ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

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