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Council reaches political agreement on fishing opportunities

During the last Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 17 December 2013, Ministers unanimously reached political agreement on the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks and groups of fish stocks available next year in EU waters and for EU vessels in certain nonEU waters on a basis of a Presidency compromise, drawn up in agreement with the European Commission and taking into consideration some main remarks/concerns from EU Member States. Lithuanian Presidency broke with the traditional overnight councils and the above mentioned agreement reached in record time.

The agreement fixed fishing effort, total allowable catches (TAC's) and quotasallocation among fishing States in the EU waters and international waters for 2014.

"After intensive two days discussions we have reached a balanced compromise that allows for a number of stocks to reach maximum sustainable yield in 2015 ensuring the sustainable use of fishery resources and vitality of fisheries", noted Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania prof. Vigilijus Jukna.