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Fairtrade certification for multiple-ingredient products to be modified

Following a meeting of the Fairtrade International Board in November 2013, it was announced that a new model for Fairtrade certification of value-added products was to be introduced.

To date, for composite value-added products (e.g. ice cream or chocolate) to carry the Fairtrade mark, all available ingredients must be Fairtrade certified. Under the new approach, a model of certification will be introduced that allows the use of a new, differentiated Program Mark either on-pack or in [the companys] corporate communications. The differentiated mark will move away from the requirement that all available ingredients on composite value-added products must be Fairtrade certified.

The new sourcing programmes will be used alongside the existing model. According to Fairtrade International, the Sourcing Programs model is the result of almost two years of detailed research and consultations involving Fairtrade producers, partners and consumers.

The new sourcing model is seen as opening up new sales opportunities for Fairtrade producers [as ] more and more companies have committed to buying sustainable cocoa, sugar or cotton, to use across whole product ranges or even their entire business. Fairtrade International maintains that the new model provides a big opportunity for Fairtrade farmers to sell to companies who are focused on one or two key raw products, rather than certifying end consumer products.