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Technology developed in Mexico capable of identifying the papaya pathogens in one day

Laura Silva Rosales and her team at the Laboratory of Virus-Plant Interactions at the Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav), Mexico, designed a method capable of identifying the virus of the ringed spot (PRSV) and the mosaic virus (PapMV), two pathogens which leave ring marks in the skin of the papaya fruit and cause softening of the fruit.

The system is comprised of detection cartridges (plastic tubes filled with reactive) that are deposited in a sample of a leaf. The team is already working on a field device that would give test results in just an hour. Such a technology would help papaya producers save time and money in their efforts to comply with sanitation laws of other countries in order to export the fruit.


(Phys.org, 06/01/2014)