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CTA's Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Empowering ACP agricultural and rural communities through knowledge

The new Strategic Plan 2011-2015 sets out three key focus areas: policy processes; value chains; and capacity strengthening in information, communications and knowledge management.

CTA aims to address the need for increased multi-stakeholder policy dialogue at national, regional and international level. Issues such as food and nutritional security, the relationship between climate change and agriculture, regional trade and markets as well as agriculture and innovation, are important topics to be addressed. Discussions should be all-encompassing involving farmers groups, women and youth. CTA will use its unparalleled access to policy-makers and forums in the ACP and the EU to enable dialogue, convey key policy messages and provide a platform for learning.

The development of agricultural value chains are imperative if food and nutritional security is to be guaranteed. It is also important for product diversification and the expansion of regional markets and trade. All too often, smallholders are at the bottom of these chains. It is the large scale producers and intermediaries who capture all the benefits, sometimes to the detriment of the small farmer. Strengthening regional information systems, reducing post-harvest losses and skill building for adding value are just some of the ways to redress this imbalance.