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Are you part of our history?

April 23, 2014

As part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations, CTA is going back through the archives looking at past success stories. This month, the focus is on ‘Knowledge for Transformation’ and Web2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities.

CTA organised the first Learning Opportunity in 2008. Since then, with the help of many partners, more than 2,000 people around the ACP have completed the course.

The constant flow of positive feedback demonstrates the continued appreciation of these activities. However, it is the real stories of impact for both the individual and the organisation that CTA staff look forward to hearing most.

To uncover more of these ‘impact stories’, CTA is inviting those who have participated in a Web2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity to share their story. Of particular interest, are the testimonies in the areas of value chain development, policy dialogue and advocacy, as well as provision of information services. Find our more here.

If you feel like taking a walk down memory lane, CTA is also posting several photos from Web2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities since 2009 on Facebook. CTA invites you to tag yourself and share your experiences and recollections of the course.