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Towards a food and nutrition secure future

May 12, 2014

Building resilience for food and nutrition security is the theme of IFPRI's global conference which takes place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 15-17 May 2014.

The conference is the centrepiece of a consultative process led by IFPRI and its 2020 Vision Initiative and their partners, including CTA. The consultation looks at building resilience as a way to help people, communities, countries and global institutions ‘prevent, anticipate, prepare for, cope with and recover from shocks, and not only bounce back to where they were before, but become even better-off’.

This is a topic closely aligned to CTA’s mission. As the consultation represents an opportune time to rethink how we can become more resilient to shocks, CTA has organised a special side event ‘Enhancing resilience for food and nutrition security in small-island economies.’

The side event, a high-level panel, will take place on 15 May 2014. Speakers include CTA director, Michael Hailu, Mereia Volvola, CEO of Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation, and Carmen Nurse, President of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers. Participants will discuss policies and strategies to boost production and trade of nutritious and healthy food; share best practices linking agriculture, health and tourism to create employment, reduce food imports and add value to local and regional trade; and finally to enhance smart Public Private Partnerships in agribusiness.

CTA is also supporting five Pacific and five Caribbean journalists and Knowledge Management professionals to take part in the conference. They will undertake a social reporting training course and put their newly acquired skills into practice throughout the event.

CTA’s director, Michael Hailu, will also chair a session on building resilience by making institutions more effective.

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