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CTA’s Partnership Strategy: Bringing the regions into focus

June 18, 2014

CTA's commitment to partnership building is reflected in both its corporate strategies and day-to-day operations. This Partnership Strategy is therefore further testimony to our dedication to building fruitful and sustainable partnerships with organisations and networks striving to improve agricultural and rural development in ACP countries. It is designed to enable CTA to take advantage of the multiple opportunities that now exist for making contacts with external actors across the globe, thanks to the increasing ease of IT-facilitated communication (web and mobile phone-based).

images documents CTA Partnership Strategy.pdfCTA has drawn on current global thinking and discourse on partnerships, as well as its rich experience with partnership-building during the past decade and a half, to come up with a results-oriented partnership model that would bring together different partners, both large and small and with different roles, driven by the nature of the problem to be addressed. To make it workable, this model will be applied within specific ACP regional contexts, thereby allowing for adjustments in function of regional ARD priorities as well as the current levels and speed of regional integration.

Supporting partners' institutional growth

Evidence gathered from recent impact studies shows that CTA's support to its long-term ACP partner organisations and networks had a positive influence on their capability to relate to other agencies and their stakeholders at both national and international levels, which consequently contributed to institutional growth, their effectiveness and impact. Many of the partners also indicated that their 'capability to relate' is one of the most significant attributes that they have come to rely on in their quest to fulfil their respective missions. Partners described the direct benefits of CTA's support in various terms, such as, 'increased visibility and networking', 'improved profile and reputation', and 'greater exposure'.

A Strategy based on a comprehensive approach

CTA's approach to partnerships therefore incorporates both the realisation of immediate development goals and attention to the partners' growth and sustainability. CTA is committed to making the institutional changes needed to make this strategy fully operational, including its systematic monitoring and periodic updating. We count on the support of all our stakeholders and the development community to guarantee the success of this strategy.