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International development professionals gather to define curriculum

June 23, 2014

CTA, as one of the members of the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) Steering Committee and collaborator on the IMARK course development, is hosting an expert consultation to define the curriculum outline for a course on Mobile Services for Development from 23-25 June 2014.

The learning curriculum on Mobile Services for Development workshop aims to provide organizations in developing countries and those working in the field of development with the necessary tools and methodologies required to maximize the potential of mobile technologies in making their work more effective. The learning curriculum will provide knowledge and the tools to the target audiences, that will help to create the environment and the conditions for 'mobile services in development'.

The Expert Consultation is a critical step in the development of the curriculum, as it will bring together experts and institutional representatives involved with the management of mobile services. The group will review and revise as appropriate a proposed curriculum, and consider which organizations or individuals could best assist in the development of learning materials for the curriculum.

The expected outcomes of the workshop include:

  1. agreement on a revised curriculum outline;
  2. identified sources of existing training materials, methodologies and software tools relevant to the curriculum;
  3. statements of intent from institutions and individuals wishing to participate in developing the curriculum; and
  4. the identification of subject experts to provide content.

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