30 years

An MIS network for Africa

A key recommendation from the CTA-supported research project was to launch an African network of MIS, so as to share best practices and experiences. At present, collaboration among national and regional market information systems is limited, affecting the potential of many MIS to improve market efficiency for farmers, traders and consumers. Lack of linkages between MIS also has significant impacts on policy, with poor understanding of sub-regional market dynamics hampering prospects for stimulating trade.

A proposal for an African Agricultural Market Information System Network (AAMIS-Net) was drawn up in early 2012 by CTA, CIRAD, MSU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). Plans were discussed further in May that year during a UNECA Expert Group Meeting on AMIS held in Addis Ababa and at CTA headquarters in Wageningen in July 2013. Pre-launch studies are due to be commissioned in the final quarter of 2014.

AMIS group

UNECA is expected to host the AAMIS network, with a trust fund for donors. An AAMIS-Net portal will offer an interactive map of African MIS, space for an e-forum/Dgroups, advocacy and resources and ICT/mobile solutions for more effective market information services.

The success of the Market Information Organisation of the Americas (MIOA), that includes MIS from the ACP Caribbean countries, points to the impressive results that a collaborative approach can achieve and could serve as an interesting model for AAMIS-Net.