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Call for Proposals on “Building viable delivery models for ICT for Agriculture in ACP countries”

Award Notice - Grant procedure

August 25, 2014

1. Means of publication: CTA website
2. Date of publication: 10 January 2014
3. Areas covered:
    - ICTs to support extension and advisory services
    - Enhancing the use of ICTs in value chains, marketing and finance
    - Enhancing the use of ICTs in the fisheries sector
    - Using ICTs to build more inclusive agri-policy processes
4. Number of proposals received: 26 (twenty-six)

5. Contracts awarded

Ref Title Area Value (€) Contractor Nationality
1-1-14-203-3/ 1-1-14-306-4/2014-296 mFisheries: ICT integration in small scale fisheries vertical value chains ICTs & Fisheries 96,403.00 The University of West Indies Trinidad and Tobago
1-1-14-203-3/ 1-1-14-306-4/2014-297 Geospatial technology and agro-climatic information service for smallholder farmers in Ghana ICTs & Extension 49,385.90 Syecomp Business Services Ltd Ghana
1-1-14-203-3/ 1-1-14-306-4/2014-298 L'extension et l'harmonisation du service d'information et de conseil commercial NKALO ICTs & Value Chains 100,000.00 RONGEAD France
1-1-14-203-3/ 1-1-14-306-4/2014-299 L’interpellation citoyenne sur le suivi et la mise en oeuvre des politiques agricoles à travers les TIC au Burkina Faso (AGRIPOL) ICTs and Policy Processes 53,571.00 Yam Pukri Burkina Faso
1-1-14-203-3/ 1-1-14-306-4/2014-300 Satellite based ICT for improved crop production in the Gezira irrigation scheme in Sudan ICTs & Extension 100,000.00 eLEAF Competence Centre The Netherlands

6. Contract duration: 14 (fourteen) months each

7. Legal basis:

CTA’s Procurement and Contract Awarding Procedures, as available at: