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Partnership CTA-Agribusiness Consortium

Two Master classes in Agribusiness Management to address agri-food & modern agribusiness issues

August 25, 2014

The need for food security and sustainable livelihoods for agricultural transformation positions Agribusiness at the pulse of the most exciting and critically relevant sector in which to work in Africa today.

To drive this economic growth potential it requires solid agribusiness management capacity. But many ACP countries lack sufficiently trained staff with technical and managerial skills at various key points along the value chain. In addition, most of the universities are not in a position to provide the training to graduates required by modern agribusinesses nor to upgrade the skills of those already in agribusiness.
In this context, recognizing the Agribusiness Consortium (AAC) of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) strong's comparative advantage in addressing these issues in Africa, CTA has joined forces with them to organize two Agribusiness Master Classes, to be held in East Africa (Nairobi, 1-3 October) and Southern Africa (Johannesburg, 10-12 November).

These Agribusiness Master Classes will bring together a focused group of key stakeholders (industry private sector, policy makers, farmer representatives, research institutions, etc.).

During a 3-day immersion into Agribusiness, the Master Classes will consist of case studies, simulation and exercises, class debate and discussion to explore the key topic of innovation in the food and agribusiness industry. Moreover participants will visit an Agri-Food company or a commercial farm for export.

By the end of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of global development issues in agribusiness policies; an ability to adapt specific tools and frameworks to analyse their own organization and identify critical issues for change while improving management and leadership skills as well.

Are you an agro input dealer, farmer, NGO representative, processor, trader, buyer, agribusiness company executive, financial institution executive, representative from a research institution, academia or policy maker?

If so, then you should apply for the Agribusiness Management Master Class before 19th September (East Africa) and 27th October, 2014 (Southern Africa).

To register, download registration forms from

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