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IMARK courses to become Open Educational Resources and be more visible to Search Engines

September 11, 2014

The 13 institutions, including CTA, that constitute the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) steering group, are holding their annual meeting from 9-10 September 2014 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The agenda of the meeting focuses on the feasibility of creating a Moodle e-learning environment for institutions to run their course. This will enable the IMARK group to better monitor how learners are using their resources, and help them improve on the learning experience.



The Steering Group reviews the progress of the various projects to develop free e-learning materials that can be used for capacity strengthening. Courses include: ‘Scientific and Technical writing’, ‘Mobile services for development’ and ‘Experience capitalisation’. It is also an opportunity to be informed about the preparation of a new face-to-face short course on ‘Introduction to knowledge management for agricultural and rural development’ by CTA. The IMARK Steering Group will then identify elements that can be developed into self-learning modules and complement existing ones.  

CTA is represented at this meeting by Thierry Doudet and Krishan Bheenick, both from the Knowledge Management and Communications programme. The IMARK group is well known to most of CTA’s stakeholders through the set of CDs that they may have received during CTA activities: Web 2.0 learning opportunities, ordered through the CTA catalogue or from CTA stands during events.  

The IMARK also offers access to 11 self-learning courses through its website Moreover IMARK courses have been used by over 146,000 learners over the past decade and new courses are still being developed in the areas of information and knowledge management. The courses recently made available deal with management of spatial information and knowledge sharing for development.