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An efficient online presence

September 18, 2014

CTA has launched a major project to update and make its online presence more efficient. Anticipate and adapt to technological innovations is an ongoing challenge. Thierry Lewyllie, CTA's web coordinator, tells about his experience...

In 2012, CTA had more than 100 websites managed by different contractors, which posed a significant security issue. This is when Thierry Lewyllie became CTA's Web Programme Coordinator. When he arrived, Thierry had one priority: addressing web security and system instability.

A secure environment

In 2013, a secure hosting environment for CTA sites was set up, including 24/7 system performance monitoring. "We are moving all our sites slowly to this new platform," explains Thierry. He has now integrated the management of resources, improved interaction between websites and encouraged more user engagement.
Much still remains to be done. The outlines of the content integration strategy are slowly taking shape, and a draft version of a content strategy focusing on delivering more engaging web content was made available. A revamped website was launched in May 2013 and is continuously being improved in response to user feedback.

Adapting to users' demands

By identifying what people want from the websites and how they search for information, CTA gets valuable guidance on how to structure the content. "We have started gathering user data and are trying to transform the data into actionable project ideas" says Thierry. The process of gathering information, organising data and generating actionable insights will enable CTA to deliver better products and services in the future.

Challenges ahead

Addressing content challenges, and improving the quality, efficiency, usability, user engagement and reach of CTA online services requires intense work and partnership. Reshaping the tone, voice, and visual style of the CTA online brand and providing an enhanced user experience across multiple devices are the biggest challenges ahead.