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CTA joins the Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance

September 23, 2014

The UN Climate Summit takes place in New York from 23-24 September 2014. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calls global leaders to step up and take action, CTA reinforces its commitment to climate-smart agriculture by becoming a Foundation Member of the CSA Alliance.

Inaugural CSA alliance meeting

On Tuesday 24 September 2014, the Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (CSA) will be launched in New York at the UN Climate Summit.

The CSA Alliance aims to enable 500 million farmers worldwide to practice climate-smart agriculture. By doing so these farmers should be better equipped to increase agricultural productivity and incomes, strengthening the resilience of food systems and farmers’ livelihoods and curbing the emission of greenhouse gases related to agriculture.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report states in unequivocal terms that climate change is impacting food security now and will continue to do so increasingly in the future. One of the greatest challenges to food security under a changing climate is how to ensure that increased investment in agriculture production is sustainable, productive, equitable and resilient. What are the innovative options for climate and agricultural finance?

Significant increases in the levels of both private and public investment, achieved through the concerted efforts that build synergies among different players in agriculture, are required to meet projected increases in demand for agricultural products. The CSA Alliance, which includes key players in the domains of science, finance and policy, is a new initiative that seeks to fulfil this role.

CTA is currently a foundation member organisation in the Alliance and will need to increasingly align its efforts and visibility within the Alliance at regional and global level.

Follow the Global Alliance for CSA Inaugural Meeting on 24 September at 15:00-16:00 EST