CWA 2014

AgriHack Talent Caribbean

In collaboration with CARDI, IICA and the contribution of various stakeholders, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) is organising the AgriHack Talent Caribbean pro-gramme to support youth ICT innovations and entrepreneur-ship in agriculture. ICT Applications addressing key Caribbean agricultural challenges selected by regional stakeholders have been developed. The Finals are held at the Caribbean Week of Agriculture in Suriname. Apart from cash prizes, winners will be incubated to favour the roll-out of their applications.

In 2013, CTA implemented a successful pilot hackathon, followed by incubation, during which young talents developed ICT applications and business ideas for agriculture in East Africa. The AgriHack Talent is organised this year in the Caribbean. National hackathons or software development competitions have been organised in 6 countries, from which 8 national win-ning teams have been selected for the Finals in Suriname. The planning meeting of the activity was held in Jamaica, attended by institutions including RADA, the Minister in charge of ICT of Jamaica, CAFAN, CARICOM, ICT innovation centers, etc.

Some of the apps developed

  • Agri-info (Trinidad and Tobago): this app will facilitate access to crop selection, soil mana-gement, weather, fertiliser and pest management, and harvesting information;
  • Node 420 (Jamaica): this app includes hardware that is an additional point of information for farmers who are interested in maximising the productivity of their farm. Yield estimate fore-casts are made based on algorithms that take several data sources into account;
  • Basic Agricultural Learning Environment (Jamaica): this app will aid farmers in decision-making with respect to all stages of crop management, including planting, pest management, reaping, sales and distribution;
  • Agri-Kari (Suriname): an app that will enable farmers to bring their products directly to the buyer;
  • Crop Guard (Barbados): this app seeks to enhance food security by helping farmers to pro-tect their crops through pest diagnosis, monitoring and control. It will provide well-sourced, well-structured information to confirm pest diagnoses and discover treatments.
  • Farmer’s Companion (Dominica): Farmer’s Companion is a mobile application designed for any user: from the inexperienced farmer  to the key agricultural stakeholders. The app provi-des users with up to date relevant information.
  • Next Harvest (Saint Kitts and Nevis):  this application provides targeted production infor-mation for farmers and pesticide management
  • Agri-Link (Trinidad and Tobago): This application seeks to connect farmers and consumers by providing a system where they can communicate the items they have for sale and the items they wish to purchase respectively.