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New Commissioner for Development Neven Mimica’s top priorities

October 7, 2014

The New Commissioner for Development Neven Mimica appeared last week at hearings at the European Parliament. And he outlined the three priorities of his prospective mandate. His second priority under the post-Cotonou framework draws the attention of CTA and its partners.

Neven Mimica, the Croatian commissioner for consumer protection has been nominated to be the next commissioner for International co-operation and development. He appeared on Monday 29th September at hearings at the European Parliament.

During the three-hour hearings, he outlined the three priorities of his prospective mandate:  

- to help achieve an ambitious post-2015 millennium goals framework, addressing the social, economic and environmental dimensions as well as peace and security;

-  to negotiate and launch a post-Cotonou framework, and to strengthen the Union’s strategic partnership with Africa;

- to enhance the coherence and coordination in the Commission work : development policy must work with foreign and security policies, humanitarian aid, trade, and immigration policies, he said.

Concerning  the EU-ACP relations, he pointed out that the expiry of the Cotonou Agreement and the shape of its successor will have a profound impact on the future relations between the Union and the ACP countries: “The question is how to best design the cooperation with the ACP countries in the future”. He plans to engage into a broad and in-depth public consultation in 2015 on the scope and the priorities of the successor agreement. “I would engage into close consultations and dialogue with ACP representatives and other relevant partners” said Neven Mimica .  

“We believe that food security and nutrition will remain central to a post-Cotonou partnership framework given their importance to Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and the increased threat of climate change to food systems across the ACP.  Partnership with a range of stakeholders including governments, farmers organizations and the private sector is going to be critical in meeting the challenges of feeding a growing population and adapting to climate change.”, commented director of CTA Michael Hailu.    

Members of the European Parliament Committee on development declared themselves satisfied with Mimica’s hearings.  

View his presentation and commitment to the ACP Group and Cotonou here    

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