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CTA Top 20 Innovators to be trained in scientific writing

Cross-learning write-shop

October 14, 2014

It is a well known fact that many great innovations never make it past the business proposal. Innovations developed in universities and research institutes are said to “remain on the shelf.” The intended beneficiaries such as smallholder farmers, therefore, never find out about them and so fail to benefit from them. 

CTA recognises the need for these innovative efforts to find success. Therefore, the Centre continues to try to boost awareness of the many innovations “low hanging fruits” that ACP research organizations, universities, extension services and famers have developed and are being used in ACP countries.  

With this as a goal, , CTA launched a call for innovations that benefit smallholder farmers in December 2013. In total 251 submissions were received. The top 20 were recently identified and now, as a follow up, CTA is organizing a cross-learning write-shop for the innovators from 13-17th October, 2014 in Arnhem, Netherlands.  

The one-week write-shop aims to contribute to increasing productivity and earning potential of smallholder farmers by increasing access to existing knowledge and their effective use. It brings together authors, case owners of the CTA Top 20 innovations, farmers’ organisations, technical experts, editors and designers from African, Caribbean and Pacific regions.  

CTA hopes to produce  see fact sheets, guidebooks and posters of the CTA Top 20 innovations for widespread dissemination in print and electronic formats at the end of the workshop. In addition, it is planned  to produce a publication of the CTA Top 20 innovations as case stories and input into a policy brief on scaling up innovations.  

Trainers and key speakers include: Judith Ann Francis (CTA), Dr Rose Njeru (Facilitator and CTA Consultant), Susanna Thorp (Wren Media), Geert Gratama and Stéphane Gambier (CTA).    

Find more information on the CTA Top 20 innovations and the write-shop's programme here: