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Call for proposal update

Documentation of proven practices, tools or policies that help farmers to address the challenges climate change in ACP countries

October 23, 2014

CTA recently (13 August 2014) issued a call for proposal for the documentation of proven practices, tools or policies that help farmers to address the challenges of climate change in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific. The level of response to the call was overwhelming with over 300 proposals received from around the world.

The aim is to document practices and approaches farmers have adopted faced with having to build resilience to climate uncertainty over a long time period. The proposals will also serve to prepare an inventory of policies, farm practices and technologies that have been widely adopted to help farmers, pastoralists and fisherfolk address climate change (or have high potential to do so) in ACP region.  

Climate change and variability is an important topic that has increasingly critical implications for agriculture in the entire ACP region. While much has been documented about the challenges and problems of climate change and its impacts on agriculture, comparatively less information is available on the solutions and innovations that have worked or have high potential to help farmers adapt to climate change. Farmers in ACP countries have over the years been subjected to variability of climatic conditions and have been modifying their farm practices and evolved various approaches towards resilience to a variable and changing climatic and other conditions they face in order to survive. Such opportunity for co-creation of knowledge and learning climatic challenges is essential. In addition, new agricultural technologies and practices have been introduced to farming communities to improve the capacity to adapt to climate change.  

This call is to document practices, tools and policies that have helped farmers to continue to produce food in the face of changing climate, understand the impacts of such solutions, and draw lessons for scaling them up. It will gather and disseminate evidence and strengthen the capacity of farmers and stakeholders to promote policies and practices that help agriculture become more resilient and, increasing its productivity under changing climate, while also contributing to reduce emissions where possible. It will document solutions and opportunities that have contributed to climate change and promote resilience, provide evidence regarding these to facilitate the scaling up of proven solutions to various stakeholders and especially farmers, who will be hardest hit by climate change.  

Proposals were submitted under the following categories:

    Practices and technologies successfully adopted for addressing climate change
    Conducive policies for climate changeSuccessful deployment of ICTs

CTA is currently reviewing the shortlist of the submissions, which will be subject to technical evaluation. Grants will be provided to the most compelling entries to enable them document the success stories. The ‘winning’ submissions will be published shortly.