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CTA is celebrating #KNOWvember

Building capacity in Information, Communication and Knowledge Management

November 7, 2014

As part of its knowledge exchange and sharing campaign, CTA is running a series of Knowledge Management (KM) activities with its partners in ACP regions during November. To strengthen the capacity of ACP institutions in Information, Communication and Knowledge Management, CTA is developing and piloting two courses and launching the online KM scan.

3-7 November 2014: Pilot for short course on ‘Introduction to Knowledge Management for Agricultural & Rural Development’ (KM4ARD-Intro) in Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands.  

CTA is piloting a short introductory course to KM for Agricultural & Rural Development (ARD), and will follow up with additional training opportunities to address specific audience needs. And participants will contribute to the validation and improvement of this course.    

10-12 November 2014: Training workshop on Knowledge Management for Senior Management of ARD institutions, policy makers and facilitators of ARD networks and value chain platforms in ACP regions (KM4SMARD – KM for Senior Management in ARD) in Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands.  

This workshop is a short awareness course targeted at senior management of ARD institutions. It aims to bring together CTA partners operating at global and regional level to discuss and better understand how the agricultural knowledge resource centres (KRC) will provide their services given the convergence of technologies, services and channels, as well as the dynamic needs of their stakeholders operating within different agricultural themes.  

17-19 November 2014: Expert Consultation on the Future of Agricultural Knowledge Resource Centres and launch of KM Scan, in Wageningen, The Netherlands  

The theme of the expert consultation ‘what can we achieve together?’ reflects the cooperative nature of the discussions planned. CTA would like to use the opportunity of the consultation to identify areas where it can play a complementary role and achieve greater impact, renew interest in collaborating with its partners to address the information and knowledge needs of smallholder agriculture in ACP regions.  

The consultation will take stock of the current trends, the potential solutions offered by new technologies and collective reflection on scenarios for the functioning of agricultural KRC in the future. In addition, CTA is looking for specific project ideas that can be jointly developed, and for which funds can also jointly be mobilised.  

Furthermore, as a follow up to the consultation, CTA will continue to work with the organisations and experts to pursue the development of more target-specific courses.     

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