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CTA's Gender Strategy

November 13, 2014

A new Gender Strategy was developed to complement CTA's Strategic Plan 2011-2015 along with CTA's Partnership and Youth Strategies. It should therefore be read in conjunction with these.

This new CTA Gender Strategy represents our commitment to empowering ACP women through agriculture. 

cta-gender-strategy 2014

As Mr. Michael Hailu, CTA's Director, puts it in his foreword, the two following innovations are instrumental to achieve this goal.

First, CTA proposes that an effective mainstreaming of gender issues across all our programmes happens if gender issues are already integrated in our theory of change and throughout our impact pathway.

Second, our Gender Strategy also puts forward CTA's firm conviction that female empowerment is central to meeting our three strategic goals as stated in our Strategic Plan 2011-2015. Indeed, "empowerment includes participation in policy processes as well as being able and finding a forum for women to voice their concern. Empowerment also means access to and control over financial and other resources".

We look forward to getting our partners on board with us as well as being able to forge new partnerships for the Gender Strategy.

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