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Agriculture and climate change

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December 17, 2014

Launched on 23 September 2014 in New York during the UN Climate Summit, the Global Alliance on Climate-smart agriculture holds its first meeting at FAO headquarters in Rome on 17 and 18 December. 

CTA, as a member of the Alliance alongside 70 other partners (countries, international organisations, research, private sector, etc.) will participate in this first meeting, which will be broadcast via livestreaming

These two days are a major event for the Alliance, which has set as its goal to help governments, producers, researchers, the private sector and civil society, as well as regional and international organisations, adjust their farming practices (including agro-forestry and fisheries), their food systems and social policies to take better account of climate change and the efficient use of natural resources. On the agenda are three main topics: the governance of the Alliance, its operations and its work program.

Draft documents were produced that will form a concrete base (Proposal for governance and structure, terms of reference of the facilitation unit, provisional work program). The meeting is open to observers who wish to participate by sending a message to the interim secretariat of the alliance at the following address: 

This meeting represents the first crucial step towards improving food and nutrition security in the face of climate change.