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ICTs for agriculture

Making it happen

December 19, 2014

"ICTs for Agriculture: Making it Happen" is CTA's latest Policy Pointer publication. Visit to learn more about our publications series.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are transforming how agricultural activities are carried out in many parts of the world. In some countries, ICTs are already helping farmers to increase yields and incomes, but much remains to be done. The 2013 Kigali International Conference on ICT4Ag – the largest of its kind ever held on the subject – looked at progress to date and the future outlook. The conference showcased the huge potential of ICT innovations for agriculture, deliberated on issues of capacity strengthening for the use of the tools, and discussed a wide range of policy issues.

"Making it Happen" is the voice of the over 500 participants of the Kigali conference from the private sector, public sector, international organizations, farmer organizations, NGOs, etc. on the future of ICTs in agriculture. 

10 key recommendations

  1. Developing partnerships to ensure positive impacts of ICT4Ag initiatives
  2. Supporting ICTs for extension and advisory services
  3. Supporting open and big data for smallholder farmers
  4. Ensuring the reliability and availability of high-quality information
  5. Ensuring grassroots access to ICT solutions
  6. Strengthening the involvement of young people and women in ICT4Ag initiatives
  7. Supporting ICT4Ag entrepreneurship and promising business models
  8. Supporting sound strategies and high-level political buy-ins for ICT4Ag
  9. Promoting adequate infrastructure and energy for ICTs in rural areas
  10. Promoting sound knowledge management activities

Download a free copy; feel free to share with others, and contact the ICT4Ag team at CTA to join hands in ensuring timely and accurate information to stakeholders along the agricultural value chain.